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Strengthening Local & National Alliances
By providing strategic, non-partisan leadership in initiatives like the Fair Redistricting Collaborative, we are protecting the voices of black voters through trainings on redistricting, demographic analysis, and legal advice during the redistricting process for community-based organizations and other stakeholders in nineteen target states. This is a joint project of Southern Echo, One Voice, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. (Read More)

Capacity Building, Policy Research, and Education
We have expanded our ability to act as a southern regional hub for policy advocacy, base building and training through the opening of an office in Louisiana, as well as through our organizational exploration of key partnerships in Alabama, Texas, Georgia and Tennessee. (Read More)

Community & Economic Empowerment
Support for existing institutions, community leaders, and elected officials is key to building effective voice. Disenfranchised communities have made important strides in securing access to power and public policy. However, disenfranchisement continues. Our priority is to engage community leaders, elected officials and traditional institutions from disenfranchised communities who will advocate for improved quality of life in what is an incredibly urgent political context. (Read More)

Building Youth Leadership & Creative Networks
Through innovative projects like the partnership with Tougaloo College, Harvard Law School and the Mississippi State Legislature, student teams provide non-partisan policy research and staff support to Mississippi Legislative Caucus members. The program has made serious inroads into policy change by increasing the capacity of Black legislators, who currently have no legislative staff, while building young leaders and new networks between two historic centers of higher learning. (Read More)

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